Stephanie and Virginia

When asked what we love about Estate Sales the answer is….. Everything!

We take pride in knowing we offer a service that helps people and the environment, with repurposing and finding new homes for your items and discarding unsellable items in a eco friendly way.  Our goal is to help you at any stage in the process you are at. We help clients in many different positions; from needing to liquidate a loved ones belongings to helping individuals and families transition during a move. Our experience and diligence allows us to point out hidden treasures and sought after items that will with generate the most profit. Above all, we recognize that by entrusting your sale to us, you are relying on our honesty and integrity. We operate with the highest standards.

Our sales draw a large crowd of new and return shoppers because we are known for….

-Competitive fair prices-we typically sale 90% of your items.

-We donate  to local charity’s such The Ojai Humane Society and The Boys and Girls Club

-Beautifully staged sales that are very organized and easy for shoppers to buy

-Friendly and knowledgeable staff who are helpful and aware of shoppers needs



Here’s what our previous clients have said about us…

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you very much for the amazing job that you did for my mother’s estate sale in November. My brothers and I all live remotely from my mother’s house and could not afford the time away from work to handle a large sale for our mother’s estate. My brother’s wife found numerous good references for Ojai Estate Sales and contacted you. We were very pleased with your professionalism and tremendous effort to organize and execute an estate sale of this magnitude.

Some key points that impressed us:

1) My mother’s estate consisted of 50+ years of purchases including thousands of items of clothing, art, knickknacks, furniture, kitchenware, yard furniture and yard art, tools, 2 automobiles, and the list goes on. You were able to organize and hold a very successful sale with very limited space. The amount of work involved was extremely impressive.

2) You contacted us immediately when you found items of personal and sentimental value. We had been looking for our mother’s wedding ring for a week and you were able to find it and notify us. We thank you for that. You also found pictures and paperwork and put them aside for us.

3) You were able to price the 100’s of thousands of items and hold a sale within 3 weeks with a 100’s of people attending.

4) You were able provide the nearly 20 clothes racks required to display clothing.

5) You kept us informed with status and pictures which helped show the sale progress.

6) You found homes for items that did not sell with local elementary schools and thrift shops and you disposed of items that could not be donated.

7) When we visited the house 3 weeks later, it was clean and empty.

8) You were able to find buyers for the 2 automobiles and handle the sales.

9) After the sale, you quickly closed the account and mailed us the sale check.

Our families thank you for all of your time and effort!

Bob Efram



You may reach Stephanie at 805-633-0661.  We try to return calls within 24 hrs.