Maggie Shea

Ojai Resident

Maggie Shea began her interest in antiques at the age of 12 when her Aunt June inherited a beautiful Victorian in the San Francisco Bay.  Drawn to silver and lace and things that would fit in her little suitcase, she began a love affair with fine objects.  Over the years she continued to collect until one day a quilt made by her grandmother was passed onto her.  That one action altered her life. She opened her first booth in an antique mall in 1997. She attended auctions and studied so many different subjects.  Raising a family and rolling with the introduction of Ebay and Shabby Chic the antique world changed and Maggie took a break from this world. She became a life coach, worked in the field of design, merchandising and started painting. While she has many interests, she always kept a heartbeat and her hands in the collecting field.

Thinking she wanted a brick and mortar store mixing antiques, vintage items and art with Alex Cano as a business partner who specializes in clothing, accessories and styling, it turned out an estate sale business was the perfect fit.  We purchased the business from Debi Walker, who was involved in the transition and now often works for us at our events.

Alex Cano

Ventura Resident

Alex Cano is well known in Ventura for helping women select their styles. Her merchandising skills are beyond sublime.  Her knowledge of all things clothing, purses, belts, shoes, jewelry and all related fields are important in the ever growing reuse and repurpose field. Vintage clothing has never been stronger in the marketplace as it is today.

Our business creates a ‘store’ each and every time. We elevate all items – so important to not get rid of anything before we meet.

Ojai Estate Sales was founded in 2010 and continues to be an excellent company to handle your estate sale needs with integrity and experience.

Please contact us directly at 805-320-2756.