Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to find out what your goals are, and help you achieve them while realizing the maximum value from your estate.   We are very friendly, and enjoy what we do.  Even though we do not ask for letters of recommendation, we have them!  I will post a couple below.  If you would like to speak to any of our previous clients, or see a complete list, please let me know.   In addition to happy clients, we have a huge estate sale customer base.  We usually have a long line, with a sign-up sheet to attend our sales.

We are licensed, insured, and bonded.  Special attention is given to create a safe environment for those attending a sale in your home.  We have at least one person as a parking monitor to help keep the neighbors happy.  We almost always have 6 or more helpers to create a safe and secure sale.

We use our iPads and Smartphones on site extensively to get current market values. We research your items using the Internet, price guides, individual experts, and even professional appraisers when requested. A world of information is always at our fingertips. Because of our diligence with research, we have found quite a few items of unexpected value for our clients.  Items are often placed on eBay and sell for considerably more than what we would receive at the sale.

We market your sale through our website, our Internet affiliates, our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts, newspapers, and our network of private clients.  We also create an individualized, promotional card specifically for your sale.

We treat your home and belongings with dignity and respect. We are efficient, professional and discrete.  We do not rush our sales.  Your Estate Sale will be hosted with great care and set up for maximum appeal to our buyers.  We invite you to attend our sales, introduce yourself, and ask questions!  It really is the best way to interview potential estate sale companies.

Most of all, we love helping people, would love to meet you, and we love our job!


Pricing and Fees

Our commission for acting as your broker ranges from 35 – 50%.  Most sales are 35% or $3500 (whichever is greater) of the gross sales.   There are a lot of factors that determine the fee, so it is difficult to determine before we actually see what you have for us to sell.   Included in the fee are advertising costs, time spent on research, pricing and preparation of items for sale, set up for beautiful presentation, staffing appropriately, basic clean out and your accounting.  We leave your home in a clean, orderly manner.  It will be ready for you to prepare for sale or rent.

If there is reason for any additional fees, such as hiring a certified appraiser (at your request), selling items on eBay (eBay & PayPal fees), obtaining a dumpster, extraordinary cleaning, this will be discussed in advance and spelled out clearly on our contract.  We work for you and with you to help determine your individual needs.

We do not ask for any money up front. Our commission and any fees come directly out of the gross sales. At the end of the sale, after we have cleared the home, we will promptly (within 5-10 days) issue a check to you along with detailed information of the items sold.

Policy and Procedures

We welcome you to get to know us and be present during set up and pricing, but we ask that the day of the sale, you take a break and let us do the work.  It can be very overwhelming, difficult, emotional and stressful to hear certain remarks made by unknowing individuals.

During the course of the sale, we negotiate prices with customers and accept bids on your behalf as we consider appropriate in order to achieve two goals: A. to sell as many items as possible B. to maximize the proceeds from the sale.

Within 5-10 business days after the conclusion of the sale, we will make available to you a written summary of the sale results showing the gross proceeds, fees and expenses (if any) deducted, and the net proceeds distributed to you.

We accept cash and credit cards. We will accept checks if we know the customer, in which case we assume the responsibility for collecting on the checks.

Happy Clients!

It is very important to us that you are happy with our services.  We plan on being in this business for a long time.  Your opinions and suggestions are very welcome.  We are very diligent and often find items of unexpected value for our clients.  Below are a couple of letters we have received:

Camarillo Sale:  Jonathan Richmond -and his sister, Heather, wrote the following on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ojaiestatesales Debi: Thank you so much for an amazing job with our Estate Sale. You and your team were a joy to work with throughout the past few weeks. You delivered professionally, on time and on promise. The preparation for an Estate Sale can be an emotional process. Your sensitivity and consideration was appreciated immensely. The total sales from the Estate Sale exceeded our expectations! Thanks again for a terrific experience and helping my family get through this process joyfully and expeditiously!

Ventura Sale:  Our family received a house in Ventura after the death of a family member with an exceptionally large inventory which included collections of shells and rocks. It was hard to imagine that we would be able to empty the house so that it could be sold. Additionally, none of us lived in the area. We contacted Debra Walker for an interview and from the beginning our anxiety was relieved. She was patient, responsive and thorough as she explained the process. Throughout the two months of preparation and final sales, she kept us fully informed of the progress and never took an action without prior family approval. The inventory required extensive research which she and her staff performed expertly and with amazing efficiency. She left the house ready to sell. Importantly, she provided a full inventory with a prompt payment. We would highly recommend Ojai Estate Sales. Debi and her staff are trustworthy and work to exceed your expectations. We could not have asked for a better experience.   The Smith Family


Do you work with hoarder homes?

Yes.  It doesn’t matter to us if the home is clean or a hoarder situation, we treat everyone with the same gentle consideration and understanding.  We are very flexible and know that this can be a difficult time.  We usually work on one sale at a time and give you our full attention.

If you have any other questions, please call or text me anytime.  805-320-2756  Maggie Shea

I will return your call as soon as possible.  If you need an immediate response, please send a text to the same number.

I am also available by email at maggiecallme@gmail.

Thank you for considering our services.   We look forward to meeting you!

Maggie Shea