Ojai Estate Sale • Full House • Dali • Dolls • Vinyl • Vintage

Our homeowner is moving out of state.

She saved the best for last (us) and must sell it now.

It is an eclectic mix of treasures!

Please join us for a day of fun in the sun at:

11352 Puesta del Sol, Oak View

Saturday & Sunday – August 22 & 23

9am – 2pm each day

You will find:

• 9 DALI Prints with COA •

• Several boxes of Vintage Vinyl Records •

• An Entire Room full of Dolls & Doll Clothes – Parts too! •

Chandeliers •

• Skateboarder’s Practice Bar •

• Vintage Toys & Games •

 • Two Antique Trunks •

• Outdoor Wicker Bar & Outdoor Wicker Patio Set • Stainless Infrared BBQ

• Fire Pit •

• Tower Garden by Juice Plus •

• Lighted Curio Cabinet • Wine Rack

• Dining Table & Chairs • TV Armoire • Desk • Book Shelves

• Costume Jewelry •

• Washer/Dryer •

• Sectional Sofa – Hide a Bed • King Headboard & two Dressers •

 • Yarn •

• Garage & Yard Tools •

 • Antique Washing Tub •

• Antique Copper Steamer Tub •

• Antique Child’s Rocker •

• Queen Mattress •

• KRUPS Mini Keg Beer Tender •

Silverplate • Crystal • Rugs • Clothing • Dog accessories • Christmas • Kitchen

• Fireplace Screen •

•Bar Stools •

• Antique & Vintage Silhouettes •

• Dyson Vacuum •

There is a lot of super cool stuff…great prices!  The Entire Household!

As usual, I will put a sign up sheet out at 6:30 am.  You may sign in and return at 9:00 when we open.  I will not open before 9:00am.  Please be present when your name is called.  Please remember to be respectful of neighbors, driveways & mailboxes.

Some Photos below!  Hope to See You There!

•Photos have been removed to free up space for our backup system.

George Marshall Estate Sale – Ojai

George Marshall Estate Sale

George Marshall was the son of George E. Marshall, famous Hollywood Director.  He was also an avid collector, owned an electronics store in Los Angeles, and a local dog trainer.  It is my pleasure to host this sale! 

Please Join Us this weekend… Saturday & Sunday – January 25th & 26th.

As usual, I will put a list out at 6:30am.  You are welcome to sign in, leave (go have breakfast) and come back at 9:00.  

Please be present when your name is called.  I will post the address Friday night.   I will also try to add more photos.  We are still discovering new items every day.   Hope to see you there! 

 You will find:

  • Hollywood Memtorabilia -Movie Posters – Signed Art – Cast Gifts – Signed Books – Personalized Items
  • Vintage Radio & Tube Technology – tons of it!  Several Dakaware Knobs – parts, etc. TWO HUGE TOWERS
  • Vintage Military Electronics & more • The backyard is packed with electronics… over 20 tables! 
  • Vintage Communication Devices – morse code – several old telephones and bakelite accessories – parts
  • Several Vintage Books – some signed – some very old –
  • Vintage Toys – Mostly Original Star Wars 1970’s  – MMA and some packaged figurines – several MMA DVD’s
  • DVD’s – CD’s – TV’s
  • Vintage and Antique Cameras and Equipment – very good prices.
  • Vintage Clothing – Mostly Mens – Some new in box Shoes (Oviatt to Dr. Marten’s)  – Shoe Trees – Cowboy Hats
  • Coach Handbags (2)
  • Antique & Vintage Lighting – Student Oil Lamp (converted) – Double Oil Student Lamp (converted) – Iron Chandelier with hand painted ceramic pieces –
  • Very nice quality vintage and antique furniture – Chairs – Pine Desk with locking drawers (we have key) – Very Old Pine Tall Boy Dresser – Beautiful Antique Mahogany Side Board Buffet w/inlay and pull out liquor drawers!
  • Two Generators – One Beauty (Kohler) One Beast – you’ll see.
  • Pet Owner Supplies & Books – Electric Fences
  • Very Old Chipper
  • Ride on Mower – Push Mower
  • Shop Tools – Huge Lathe – Table Saws – More
  • Power Tools – NIB Grinder – Makita – Craftsman – More
  • Yard Tools  – New/ Unused 4 cycle Weed Wacker – New in Box Garage Door Opener
  • Two Old Doors & one doggie door with new replacement parts
  • Kitchen – Microwave – Toaster Oven – Crock Pot – Rice Cooker – Dehydrator – More!
  • Beautiful Cast Iron Enamelware
  • Vintage Bike –  TWO WWll ROAD PUPPY’S Folding Japanese Bikes
  • Vintage Office Equipment – New in Box
  • An Entire House Full of  Unusual Finds & Collectibles!

Photos follow this … Please see Photos … I will put more photos as time permits.

Photos have been removed to provide free space for our backup system.

Estate Sale of Le Isle V. Peterson

Please join us in Ventura for this Fun Sale!  It All Goes!  Great Prices!

Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10.  8am-4pm

1220 Johnson Dr. Ventura  (attendant at gate will give you directions)

Le Isle was 92 when she passed away.  I’m told she was quite the lady, and always full of surprises.  She married her last husband in Stockton at the age of 80.  I’m still uncovering things, but have found some interesting items.  One surprise is two original Led Zeppelin (1969 & 1975) Concert posters!  Yesterday, I heard that 70 was the new 30… I think I’ll go with that!