• Once determined that we are a good fit we draw up a contract.

• The sale is hosted at the residence and may take one or two weekends.

• Depending on the size of the estate, we will need 1-3 weeks of access to the home to properly prepare.  We will need a key to the residence.

• We display all belongings in a clean, respectful and attractive manner. We have our own tables, secure cases and lighting to enhance your belongings.

• After careful consideration and research, items are priced to get you the most amount of money with timely liquidation in mind.

• Our staff provides security and crowd control for your home and valuables.  We also focus on safety and have emergency plans in place.

• We create announcements for your sale with photos, and photo previews are available on our website. We advertise with professional signage, in local newspapers, Craigslist, Estate Sale networks, and with our private clients.  We have also developed a substantial following on Facebook.

• You decide how items are handled that remain at the end of the sale.  If you prefer, we can box items, donate them and give you a receipt.   We always leave the property in an orderly manner.

• At the conclusion of the sale, you will receive a detailed accounting of all sales along with prompt payment within 5 – 10 business days.

Let us take care of it all for you, stress free!